Orgasmatron Ultra Light

Orgasmatron Ultra Light

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The ORGASMATRON Ultra Light is the latest addition to our range of Head Massagers.

The Ultra Light provides a softer, lightweight version of the world famous Orgasmatron Head Massager

A best seller and currently on special for $10.95

The Orgasmatron Ultra Light's smooth tips glide across the surface of your scalp, sending sparkling sensations thru your entire body.

The many fingers of the Orgasmatron Ultra Light are incredibly flexible, allowing every Orgasmatron to fit everyone's head,

With a gentle action of lowering, raising and turning slighly, your Orgasmatron® will find countless pressure points with no particular skill needed.

The effects are immediate and your body may tingle as messages are conveyed down your spine, often reaching as far as your toes!

Buy 2 and get free shipping on the second Orgasmatron Ultra Light. ( Australia only)